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Protesa offers protein solutions with exceptional nutritional value for an array of applications.

    Avonlac 282

WPC 80 instant  – Whey Protein Concentrate: milk whey protein concentrate with a concentration of over 80% in dry base. Avonlac is an excellent source of protein, completely soluble, which ensures optimal dispersion and can be added to meals and beverages. It is used in the sports nutrition and dry mix market.

    Provon 292

WPI 90 instant – Whey Protein Isolate: a pure, natural, flavorless milk whey protein isolate with a dry base concentration of over 90%, optimized through cutting-edge technology using membranes for ceramic microfiltration, resulting in a product with low fat and lactose content. Provon® is renowned for its versatility and bioactivity. Thermally stable, it can be used in liquid beverages, acidified or otherwise, and pasteurized drinks, with a wide range of high functionality applications.

    Hydrovon 195

Hydrovon 195 is an instant and hydrolyzed milk whey protein isolate with a protein content in a dry base concentration starting at 90%. Hydrolysis is as much as 8% and achieved through the addition of enzymes, using the most modern process available in the market, resulting in a product with faster absorption and lower allergy potential.

The advanced hydrolysis provides a neutral flavor that, together with the excellent dispersity, results in a protein ideal for consumption pure.

    Thermax 690

Thermax 690 is a hydrolyzed milk whey protein isolate with dry base protein content of at least 90%. Due to exceptionally high hydrolysis - between 12 and 16% - it is easier to digest and absorbed far quicker, thus making it suited to consumers with specific needs. Additionally, Thermax 690 is developed to remain technically stable, even after UHT processing.

    Lactoferrin: Bioferrin®

Lactoferrin by Glanbia Nutritionals, produced through a patented extraction process, is the most bioavailable lactoferrin currently on the market. Lactoferrin is a glycoprotein linked to the iron naturally present in milk, excellent for antibodies, fortifying iron, and carrying oxygen, and it helps iron to become soluble for food, beverage and nutraceuticals. It features 95% total protein and between 15 and 40 mg of iron in 100g. Bioferrin® can be used in capsules, tablets and ready-mix applications. It is a safe alternative to medication that improves performance by increasing hemoglobin levels in the blood, allowing for formulation with lower doses of iron and fewer know collateral effects, such as digestive discomfort. Protesa is the only supplier of this product in Brazil.

    Edible Calcium Caseinate 220

Caseinate obtained by neutralizing an acid casein with calcium chloride (casein is prepared through indirect precipitation using the acid from collected skimmed milk). The neutralization reaction occurs through a specific technology called extrusion. Dry ingredient, white to cream in color. Due to its water retention power and emulsifying properties (capacity and stability), it is used in different food sectors, such as dietary and airy, and it is suited to vegetarian foods, people with Coeliac disease and the Jewish and Muslim communities.

    IdaPro Milk Protein Concentrate-80% (MPC-80)

Manufactured using fresh and pasteurized skimmed milk, through a proven low-heat membrane filtration method to guarantee the protein is not rendered and remains highly nutritional, reaching 80%. Following separation using the membrane, IdaPro MPC-80 is immediately spray-dried and packed without long-term storage or processing, prior to packaging.

It is highly soluble and offers an excellent emulsification capacity, with a pleasant flavor and aroma. It is used at an emulsifier/stabilizer in dairy products, like yogurt and ice-cream, liquid nutritional formulas and meat-based products, as well as to enrich protein drinks and sports nutrition products for adults and weight control.

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