Areas of Operation

Grupo Protesa is active in the representation, importation and distribution of dairy products supplied by some of the world’s leading producers, catering to an array of industries in the consumer, sports supplement and hospital nutrition markets. Learn more about the holding’s operations in Brazil.


1. Representation/Importation

Input supply

Protesa Distribuidora exclusively represents, imports and distributes products within the Brazilian food and dietary industry for the following foreign companies and their inputs:

Glanbia Nutritionals Inc., USA – Whey Protein > Sports nutrition in general, enteral feeding, supplementation for hospitals and ingredients for compounding pharmacies.

Idaho Milk Products Inc. (IMP), USA – Milk Protein > Nutrition in general, enteral feeding, ingredients for foods.

Laiterie Nouvelle de L’Argenon (Laïta), France – Caseinates > Sports nutrition in general, Enteral Feeding, Supplementation for Hospitals and Ingredients for compounding pharmacies.

Pantheryx Inc., USA – Colostrum > Animal Feed and Supplementation in general
(under analysis with ANVISA).

2. Distribution

Finished products for retail and wholesale commerce


For the finished product retail and wholesale market, Protesa handles the distribution of products manufactured under the Clean Whey® brand: whey protein concentrate and  isolate and hydrolyzed milk whey protein. The company supplies stores with supplements and natural products, as well as food and supplement manufacturers, not to mention the pharmacy compounding, hospital and home care segments.

3. Retail

Retail of branded products for end consumers

Protesa is active in the retail market, too, selling its brand of  Clean Whey products by means of an on-line store at Through the e-commerce platform customers can find whey protein concentrate and isolate and hydrolyzed whey protein, in neutral and five other flavors, available in packages from 15 grams to 5 kilograms.

The holding caters to the following markets:

Sports Nutrition (B2B and B2C)

Human Health (Hospitals, Home Care, Supplements, Compound Pharmacies
   Clinical Foods (future)

Food (B2B)

Animal Health (B2B)

Project for consumer products (B2C)

Contract Manufacturing (mixing unit under construction)

After many years of activity in the dairy product market, Protesa has garnered 

unparalleled expertise in the Brazilian scenario, such as:

A holding atende os seguintes mercados:

Nutrição Esportiva (B2B e B2C)

Saúde Humana (Hospitais, Cuidados Domiciliares, Suplementos, Farmácias Compostas e Alimentação Clínica (futuro)

Alimentos (B2B)

Saúde Animal (B2B)

Projeto para produtos de consumo (B2C)

Contract Manufacturing (unidade de mistura em construção)

Com muitos anos de atuação no mercado de produtos lácteos, a Protesa conquistou 

conhecimentos ímpares no ambiente brasileiro, tais como:

Regulatory environment, Agriculture (MAPA) and, especially, excellent expertise
in Health (ANVISA);

Great relationship with the USDA in Brazil through the American Consulates
and Embassy;

Internal knowledge of tax and benefit planning, importation procedures, exchange systems, logistics, banking and local accounting practices;

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