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Founded in 2010, Grupo Protesa is a holding with units in the Southern and Southeastern regions of Brazil and active on three business fronts within the dairy products industry, namely:

Representation, importation and exclusive distribution of ingredients for the food and dietary industry. Headquartered in Rio de Janeiro (RJ), with branch offices in Curitiba (PR), Balneário Camboriú (SC) and Itajaí (SC), it also has additional stocking facilities in Itajaí and Curitiba. Imports arrive through the state of Santa Catarina.


Products are distributed under the Clean Whey® brand for retail and wholesale trade, home care, clinics and hospitals, both public and private, all throughout Brazil. Offices and stock in Curitiba (PR).

Promotion of retail commerce of branded products for end consumers. On-line business operation and inventory headquartered in Rio de Janeiro (RJ). 

Part of its foreign connections include the following companies:

Glanbia Nutritionals Inc., USA – Whey Protein 

Idaho Milk Products Inc. (IMP), USA – Milk Protein

Laiterie Nouvelle de L’Argenon (Laïta), France – Caseinates

Pantheryx Inc., USA – Colostrum

Protesa Distribuidora if the official commercial representative, importer and distributor of Glanbia Nutritionals Inc. and Idaho Milk Protein (IMP) - leaders in dairy production in the United States - , the leading Brazilian supplier of dairy ingredients for the high-performance sports nutrition market and considered a benchmark in raw material excellence. It also boasts expressive regulatory expertise thanks to the Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (MAPA, Portuguese acronym) and the excellent work done in the field of health through the Brazilian Health Regulatory Agency (ANVISA, Portuguese acronym). 

Due to its expertise and the relationship between its managers and the market, in 2018 and 2019, Protesa added Laiterie Nouvelle de L’Argenon (Laïta) and PanTheryx Inc to its portfolio of companies, initiating the domestic development of products like calcium caseinates, powdered milk and yogurt and colostrum.

In 2014, applying Protesa Technology, a consumer product division was formed, thereby initiating the distribution of finished protein products manufactured under the Clean Whey® brand. Through a highly qualified team, it fosters services for all channels specialized in foods, supplements and additives, as well as the compounding, hospital and home care segments.  

In 2017, the group launched its on-line sales channel for branded products, under the premium whey protein brand Clean Whey® , which exclusively uses ingredients manufactured by Glanbia Nutritionals Inc. It has its own team and e-commerce and the goal is to provide the purest whey protein to the most varying types of consumers, from high-performance athletes to ill patients.

All the ingredients imported and commercialized by Grupo Protesa are submitted to the strictest quality controls required by national and international regulatory bodies, from the initial ingredients to the final product, guaranteeing consumers complete safety. In line with its values of honesty, integrity and transparency, the company offers unrestricted access to all the certificates and reports required and awarded by accredited laboratories.


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