A leading distributor of dairy proteins in South America, Protesa is active in three different areas and is considered a major benchmark in raw materials of the highest quality.

Area of Operation

Protesa is active in the areas of representation, importation and distribution of dairy products from the world’s largest producers, supplying several segments:


Products and Brands

Discover the companies that Protesa represents exclusively, along with their products.


Nutritionals Inc.

A leader in the nutrition market and a pioneer in the production of proteins extracted from milk whey, Glanbia Nutritionals applies patented technology able to produce whey protein with an exceptional purity and the highest concentrations of bioactive compounds on the market.

Our Numbers

Operations under Protesa can best be translated through our numbers:


years in
the Brazilian
protein market

Pioneer in the introduction of isolated protein, hydrolyzed protein, lactoferrin protein and colostrum protein in the Brazilian market



tons of highly

nutritional product

imported per year

Our Clients

Brazil’s biggest food companies are supplied with Protesa ingredients.

Discover some of them here:

Our objectives

Provide clients and consumers with proteins derived from milk with an international standard of quality and technology.

Develop national and international partnerships to create a favorable environment for new business and new dairy products for Brazilian consumers.

Using innovative technologies in ingredients and processing solutions, to develop products that deliver the very best nutrition, health and well-being to our consumers, during every phase of their lives.

Guarantee our clients and consumers complete transparency regarding ingredients supplied or processed, from source to end product.

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